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Getting Started with 31

So after the initial investment with Thirty-One, what happens next? I’m going to cover a few of the things I have done to get started with my business. First off was anxiously awaiting my starter kit. The reason I joined 31 in the first place was really to get a great discount on the starter kit items. Since it has arrived and I’ve received some great business supplies (and I do see some earning potential here) I am going to pursue selling these products as a business. I was very pleased with the starter kit. They gave me plenty of things to start carrying around and using as conversation starters. I started carrying the retro metro bag and the organizing utility tote right away, and stuck a few mini catalogs with my name and website inside. The intent here is to be able to pass out my info if anyone comments on my bags.

The other big thing was ordering business cards and setting up my website. I ordered my 31 cards online from Vistaprint because I found a cute giraffe printed pink/black/white card. I will post a pic when they come in next week. The website was also really easy, just pick a name and it’s all set up for you. Then I began browsing Thirty One Today, a resource with tons of training material and helpful info for all consultants. I became familiar with using my store to set up parties (which is a shopping event with one hostess, the hostess gets great rewards/incentives for hosting a party for you). I have tried running a few online parties but those are having very limited success right now. It’s hard for people to get out there, spend their hard earned money, without seeing and feeling the products. My first party is next Monday night so I’m hopeful that it will be more successful than the online parties.

I am also holding an open house/business debut. Since we just moved here recently, I don’t have a ton of friends here to fill the room. I resorted to inviting a couple friends, my son’s preschool class mommies, and the neighborhood (wherever I didn’t see a no soliciting sign!). So it will be interesting to see how the turnout is. I’ve got 1 RSVP so far (although I have advertised it as an open house without requiring RSVP). At least 1 person will be there…

So I’m not gonna lie, it is hard getting the ball rolling. I’m sure it would be easier if I knew more people in town, but I am just going to approach it as a business and try to get myself out there meeting new people and introducing Thirty-One to people I don’t know. I will keep you posted on how that goes (as I’m generally introverted this should be interesting).


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